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3 Tough Questions to Ask Potential Call-Tracking Companies

If you’re currently looking to hire a call-tracking company to service your business –– then congratulations, you’ve taken the first step toward improving the way your company markets itself. However, not all call-tracking companies are created equal. And it’s imperative that you get the results you expect when you sign up for a call-tracking service. But how do you know which call-tracking company is right for your business? It can be tricky sorting the wheat from the chaff. Fortunately, here are three questions you should ask a call-tracking company before hiring them that’ll cut straight to what’s important:

How Accurate is Your Call Attribution?

For the uninitiated, call attribution is the process of connecting off-site phone calls back to online marketing campaigns. And any call-tracking company worth its salt should be able to give you a clear picture of which marketing efforts are generating phone calls, and which ones are flubbing their lines. Remember to ask not only about how accurately a given call-tracking company can attribute calls, but how comprehensive their coverage is. If you’re not getting the full picture, you’re really not seeing any of it.

What Information Does Your Software Provide?

Simply providing you with a pile of raw data relating to the number of calls your company received isn’t going to do your business much good. As such, it’s vital that you inquire about the depth of information you and your sales team can expect to receive with call-tracking software. Will you be able to analyze individual phone calls all the way through the sales cycle? Can your sales people expect detailed information on leads (such as: name, phone number, location, and how they arrived at your business) when they receive a call? In any industry, understanding your audience is fundamental to your success. If a call-tracking company isn’t willing or able to clue you in on the information-based features of their service then you should be wary of their product.

Can Your Product Boost Revenue?

Bottom line, ask any prospective call-tracking companies that you’re researching if they can actively help you make money. And the qualifier, “actively,” is important here. Because while some call-tracking companies might give you a portion of the information your company needs to succeed, the best call-tracking companies will have a plan to help you improve your marketing and sales performances. If your call-tracking service doesn’t help you make sales, market more effectively, and lower your advertising costs, then it’s not doing everything it could –– and should –– be accomplishing for you.

Next Steps

Having trouble finding a call-tracking company that can address all your concerns? Look no further. Traaqr operates differently from other call-tracking companies because we use forward-thinking analytics to improve your performance for the future –– and not dwell on what you’ve done in the past. Give us a call today, or else check out our free demo and see how Traaqr can tick the boxes for your business.

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